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General cargo transport

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Guest is emperor with modern logistics logistics idea guidance, with many years of industry experience in the operation, from traditional to modern logistics freight gradually transition, the use of information and network technology and the use of modern organization and management way, has been formed set transportation, storage, loading and unloading, distribution, secondary packaging and information integration of modern third-party logistics company, and with a number of well-known domestic large enterprises and suppliers established cooperative relations, won the good reputation of the industry.

Guest is emperor logistics in the actual application, guarantee the customer in cargo security reasonable logistic cost, to help customers make logistics planning and design, for the customer master market rhythm, expand the market share of the sales to logistics safeguard for our clients, maximum limit reducing logistics cost.


Storage, storage, transportation, loading and unloading operations;

Main transportation and regional distribution business;

Providing supply chain management consulting and logistics solutions.

To provide the goods loading and unloading, sorting, tally, points packing and so on the "one-stop" work style service;

Customers design personalized logistics solutions and provide personalized service.

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