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To systematize and standardization, network into core offers comprehensive, whole process of quality services. The Shanghai headquarters:
Address: Shanghai baoshan district south road, number 669
Phone: 021-62842683 021-52845783 fax: 021-63639861

Other branch contacts

Beijing branch:
Address: Beijing chaoyang district ShiBaLiDian WangGuCun south side
Phone: 010-67369010 fax: 010-67386866

Guangzhou branch:
Address: guangzhou middle stone well avenue galaxy logistics 11
Phone: 020-86423520 fax: 020-86423526

Address: chengdu sanhuan road, number 878
Phone: 028-89862613 fax: 028-89862316

Chongqing branch:
Address: the chongqing Kowloon slope area including valley town of road 166, the Vatican
Phone: 023-89236677 fax: 023-89765680

Kunming subsidiary:
Address: kunming officer south road hengsheng logistics 15
Phone: 0871-87161299 fax: 0871-87161295

Wuhan branch:
Address: wuhan hanyang house gather the logistics center number 16
Phone: 023-84462276 fax: 027-84461659

Harbin office:
Address: DaoWaiOu chemical road 181, Harbin
Phone: 0451-88947111 fax: 0451-88947606

Nanjing branch company:
Address: nanjing qixia district YaoHua door
Phone: 025-85561273 fax: 025-85561275

Hangzhou branch:
Address: hangzhou stone bridge road 69
Phone: 0571-81715121 fax: 0571-86155961

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