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Shanghai guest is emperor logistics Co., LTD. Was established in 2005, since its establishment, we have been working to build enterprise professional logistics services provider, the company in the country and have multiple branch, nearly employees, has formed the nucleus of the goods transportation, warehousing, distribution, product packaging, city circulation processing and logistics information service for the integration of the third party logistics enterprise.

Guest is emperor logistics after nearly five years of constant exploration, hard work, and accumulation, already mastered the logistics industry advanced operation experience and modern enterprise management mode, with mature operation team, the rich operation experience. At present, we have a Shanghai to chengdu, chongqing high-quality goods special line, in Shanghai logistics circles already is the top, and has set up a file with the national home to more than 100 mature line enterprise alliance, so no matter where your customers, we can provide safe, quick, efficient transport services to systematic, standardization, network into core offers comprehensive, whole process of quality services.

After five years of development, the guest is already the young emperor logistics went the wings, success made to network standard, smooth process flow, strict management, first-class service of modern logistics enterprise to move forward.

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