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In order to adapt to the company in the membrane structure engineering field high-speed development needs, positions of outstanding talents to join in.

Position: financial executives


25 to 45 years old, good personality. The three years accountant working experience, familiar with enterprise financial accounting process and the relevant finance, tax, the audit regulations and policy, office software, love and respect, and teamwork spirit. This city household register, and have the production, the processing, the sale type enterprise financial work experience, with the qualification of CPA preferred with accredited.

Position description:

A. Responsible for employees' expense review and analysis; Responsible for the company's cash, bank account management; Responsible for the company's accounts receivable management; Responsible for the financial department of the interior management.

2. Responsible for the company's accounting, cost accounting, financial statements, quarterly financial analysis and tax related financial work.

3. Computer do accounting subject of chalk it up.

On September 10, 2008

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